Electronic avant-garde breeds with

bitter-melancholic mainstream

Jamie Wong-Li presents her second solo album: Morphine is the result of a four-year collaboration between the Hong Kong/Swiss singer and the Hungarian / Swiss hip hop and techno producer Elwont (Boys On Pills).

After Jamie Wong-Li's last album (Golden Child, 2006), which played out in a contemplative and jazzy mood with an experienced cast of instrumentalists, the Bernese singer has now taken a 180°turn with her newest CD Morphine and returned to her roots. The influences on Morphine come from the underground techno and house scenes of the 90s, spiced up with current elements from Electro and black music; a combination that perfectly complements Wong-Li's warm and expressive voice. Already back in the 90s and 00s the singer turned to electronic music in particular. With her band Smartship Friday and many other musicians, producers and DJs, she appeared on various releases and performed live at internationally renowned events.

«Before our cooperation,

Elwont asked me what my intention was

with my next album. I answered: I want to dance!

I want everyone to dance!»

(Jamie Wong-Li)

For years they were talking about a possible cooperation, but it wasn’t until the end of 2013 that the collaboration between Jamie and Elwont really began. Only 24 hours after the first meeting, four songs had already been written and all pilot tracks were recorded. After three weeks they were already up to 19 songs. 


So they planned an early release - but ended up with four years delay. The singer and the producer first had a release of another kind: their son was born at the end of 2014. «The long road has been good for our music», says Jamie in retrospect. «Over the years, we've been working on these songs over and over again, even made them band-suitable in another project with musicians. Our music went through a long and intense maturation process. It was sometimes very challenging. Who would ever have thought that when we started?».


On August 24th, 2018, Jamie Wong-Li presents ten electronic pearls on Morphine, which are telling us of summer breezes and life crises, addiction and inner transformation - all of which are not to be missed!

«I feel that there is a strong urge for

our more mass-friendly songs, because

to many people techno is too monotonous, too cold

and the radio mainstream too cheap and laxed.

So if you want to hear our sound, it will be rather at an event where

modern electronic club music is in the foreground.»